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What is a quality inspection report


The quality inspection report is for the safety and performance testing of the product. It is successfully settled in Tmall and other platforms such as or supermarkets, or it is a reference standard for consumers. According to the three levels of standards (national standards, ministerial standards and the company's own standards), perform quality assessment, make basic evaluations, and analyze the reasons for qualified or unqualified quality. This is the main part of the QA report.

Why make a quality inspection report


Common reporting uses:
1. Settle in online stores such as and Tmall.
2. Bidding / bidding.
3. Report for project acceptance.
4. Supplier requirements.
5. Publicity report.
6. Settled in 4S shop (general automotive supplies)
7. Reports on shopping needs.
8. Reports required by the store (such as Wal-Mart, Carrefour, Rainbow, Guoanju, B & Q, etc.)

Note: If the electronic and electrical products are settled in or Tmall, you need to confirm whether the product is to be 3C certified. If it is not in the 3C range, the test report is useful. In the 3C range, 3C certification is required.

Purpose of the test report:
1. Determine whether the product quality is qualified;
2. Determine the quality level of the product or the severity of the defect;
3. Check the process flow and supervise the process quality;
4. Collect statistics and analyze quality data to provide basis for quality improvement and quality management activities;
5. Implement arbitration inspection to determine responsibility for quality accidents.

The significance of the quality inspection report:
1. Provide qualified products to users, expand market share, and reduce quality costs;
2. Obtain qualified raw materials, purchased parts and outsourced parts to ensure the quality of the company's products;
3. Provide a basis for corporate claims;
4. Keeping the process under control can ensure that qualified parts are produced.

Applicable product range


The quality inspection report needs to determine the scope:
Electronic appliances, food, medicine, clothing, luggage, leather toys, furniture, testing, textile material analysis, chemical danger testing, building materials, ceramics, automobile testing, mineral testing, cosmetics, electromagnetic compatibility, agricultural products, soil, solid waste, industrial waste, and other quality inspection reports. Report quality inspection report Tmall quality inspection report Jingdong quality inspection report msds report clothing quality inspection report.

Project requirements
Different products have different test requirements, such as quality inspection report requirements for clothing, home textiles, and children's clothing categories: ingredient content, GB18401 full set, logo marks, appearance quality, saliva resistance, velvet content, velvet content, raw material requirements, etc. .

Application process


Step 1: Determine the scope of product testing
1.Consult the testing organization, and explain the product reporting purpose, product characteristics and other information;
2. After receiving the application that meets the requirements, the certification body issues a notice of acceptance to the applicant, informing the applicant to send or send relevant documents and materials.

Step 2: Sample acceptance
1. The sample is directly delivered by the applicant to the designated testing agency. After the applicant pays, the applicant fills in the payment voucher according to the requirements. The testing agency accepts the sample received, fills in the sample acceptance report, and issues a rectification notice for the unqualified sample. Fill in the sample acceptance report after rectification.
2. After the sample is accepted, the testing institution fills in the sample testing progress report to the certification body. After receiving the sample testing progress, the certification body sends a formal acceptance notice to the applicant, sends a testing task to the testing institution, and the sample testing officially begins.

Step 3: Sample detection
1. The work that the enterprise should do in the type test stage is to send the test samples, the required parts and components, and the technical information to understand the test progress. If any unqualified items occur, they must be rectified in accordance with the sample test rectification notice.
2. After the sample test is completed, the testing organization fills in the notification of the sample test result, and the testing organization also transmits the test report and other data to the certification body.

Application materials


1. Sample preparation: For products with appearance quality, it is recommended to prepare each type with the same color and code.
2. Trademark brand information
3. If there is a logo test, you need to provide a tag, washing water standard, certificate, manual, etc.
4.Quality inspection application form

Report sample


Testing report cost, validity period and cycle


How much is a test report?
Costs are related to testing products, testing items, and testing qualifications. Different test products correspond to different test standards and different tests. There is no test qualification, so the test costs will not be the same. In addition, the test costs for the full test and part of the test standard are also different, so before testing, these issues must be understood.

How long is the test report valid?
Regarding this issue, it mainly depends on testing products and inspection standards. In general, as long as the test is not updated, the test unchanged test report is always valid. However, there are special circumstances. If it is used for e-commerce platforms, they generally only recognize it within one year. So this depends on the requirements of the platform or buyer.

How long does the test report test take?
Look at the test project. There are many test items and the time is long. Testing projects are complex and take a long time.