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 As people's living standards improve, cars are becoming more and more popular as computers, and the demand for rearview mirrors as auto parts is increasing. What do you need to know about the certification CCC car rearview mirrors?

1. Vehicle Rearview Mirror CCC Certification
For M、N class of vehicles and other rearview mirror products less than four-wheel, partially or wholly enclosed cabs
2. Vehicle Rearview Mirror CCC Certification
Supervision after certification of initial factory inspection
 Note: in order to facilitate the client, the certification model can also use the initial factory review product inspection after certification supervision. (Subject to the consent of the certification body in exceptional circumstances).
3.Basic links and cycles of certification
4. automotive rearview mirror CCC certification products
The rearview mirror products produced by the same manufacturing plant and which do not differ in the following main aspects are considered the same unit
1) reflector size, shape and radius of curvature;
2) the structure and materials of the rearview mirror, such as: the structure and material of the retainer, the structure and shape of the support, the connection with the car body and the adjustment of the mirror surface;
Auxiliary function of 3) rearview mirror.
5. the documents to be submitted when the vehicle rearview mirror CCC certification is commissioned
(1) Product description (which shall contain at least the following): product name and model specification, trademark, reflector size, shape and material, reflector curvature radius, bracket structure and material, protective frame material, mirror adjustment mode, connection with car body, model applicable to the product, other issues to be explained;
(2) Photographs and product drawings sufficient to identify the main features of the product: assembly drawings sufficient to identify the main features of the product;
 (3) List of key parts and materials of the product: reflective surfaces, supports, protective frames and reflective surface coating materials, etc. The list shall include at least the key parts, names, models, specifications, materials, suppliers and incoming inspection items.
Documents to be submitted in 6. of the accreditation
(1) Factories: Production situation (production scale, capacity and production history of the products applied for): list of key production equipment in the factory; list of major inspection instruments and equipment in the factory (including name, model, specification, quantity, accuracy, verification cycle, etc.); catalogue of relevant quality management system documents and organization block diagram / table and responsibility document etc.
(2) Necessary certification product testing reports.
(3) Registration documents of the principal and the factory.
(4) If an agreement is required for a ODM contract manufacturer (format required).
(5) COP consistency control plan.
(6) Other documents required by the designated accreditation body.
6. test items and test basis