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Confirmed! CCC certification for 5G products

Author:admin Date:3/24/2021 vistor:723

On August 28,2020, the State Certification and Accreditation Regulatory Commission issued a notice on clarifying the mandatory product certification requirements of 5 G mobile user terminals, which made it clear that 5 G mobile user terminals belong to the scope of mandatory product certification. That is ,5 products need to pass CCC certification before marketing.
5G Product CCC Certification Standards
The electromagnetic compatibility performance requirements and measurement methods YD/T2583.18《 cellular mobile communication devices are added to the mandatory product certification implementation rules telecommunication terminal equipment (number: CNCA-C16-01:2014, hereinafter referred to as the implementation rules) part 18:5 G user equipment and auxiliary equipment. EMC standards as the basis for CCC authentication of mobile user terminals.
5G product certification arrangements
The designated certification body shall, as of the date of the announcement of 28 August, implement CCC authentication of 5 G mobile user terminals in accordance with the relevant requirements of the implementation rules.
The authentication client shall apply to the designated certification body for supplementary testing according to the YD/T2583.18 for 5 G of mobile user terminals that have been CCC certified in accordance with the requirements of 4 standards in the previous period, and renew the CCC certification certificate after passing the test. The certificate conversion shall be completed by June 30,2021, and the overdue designated certification authority shall be cancelled.
The designated "mobile user terminal" certification bodies and laboratories, if they have YD/T2583.18 authentication and testing capabilities, may directly undertake the CCC authentication and testing work of 5 G mobile user terminals, and shall not be designated separately.