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Reform of CCC Certification Catalogue and Implementation Methods

Author:SRRC认证 Date:4/24/2021 vistor:748

 Notice on Reform of CCC Certification Catalogue and Implementation Methods,No.11 2018

To deepen the reform of CCC certification system,strengthen the principal responsibilities,further reduce the institutional transaction cost,according to "Comments on Intensifying the Construction of Quality System to Promote Overall Quality Management by the China State Council" No.3,2018 issued by the China State Council,now we make reform and adjustment for the CCC certification catalogue and implementation methods as follows:
Since Oct.1,2018,26 types of products will not be applied for CCC certification any more:
Electric spray gun of uninflammable liquid,electric shear,screw tap,electric chain saw,electric planer,electric pruning shear,picture(display) tube,antenna amplifier,computer game machine,learning machine, motorcycle engine,motor vehicle horn,motor vehicle brake hose,vehicle fuel tank,modem(include card),ISDN terminal,alarm system of burglarproof for vehicle,WLAN products,concrete anti-freezing admixtures,plug and socket(for industry),appliance coupler(for industry),assembly for construction site(ACS),assemblies for power distribution in public networks,combustible gas alarm products,electrical fire monitoring system,aerosol fire extinguishing device.
The producing enterprises may apply for the voluntary certification for products which are not implemented CCC certification any more,the voluntary certification certificates will be issued instead


Since Oct.1,2018,20 types of products will be implemented a new CCC certification mode(type test by optional laboratories for the compulsory product certification+self-declaration)
It is required to be noted that the optional laboratories must be those have been accredited and contracted by CNAL,not all test reports of the laboratories will be accredited.