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The About Foreign CCC Certification Factory Inspection

Author:admin Date:4/26/2021 vistor:548

 The Important Instructions about Foreign CCC Certification Factory Inspection


In order to successfully enforce overseas CCC authentication factory inspection work,shorten the authentication process cycle,there are some items the application of overseas product certification should pay attention to:
1.Enterprise(the applicant) should be in the factory inspection notice to four weeks to provide "invitation",invitation letter must be carefully confirm examiner personal information,such as name English spelling,date of birth.Except Malaysia and Spanish invitation,the rest of the country invitation letter don't need to fill passport number.Not only include the factory inspection day on the invitation letters,but the inspector entry-exit days and on the invitation outbound date should be able to ensure a smooth trip(visa should be given time).In order to ensure timely delivery and enterprise(the applicant) shall,first of all,the style of the invitation letter fax factory inspection team leader,for confirmation.Enterprise(the applicant) if not timely provide invitation letter,the authentication institutions may adjust the within group factory inspector to other factory inspection group, once the time conflict,it may affect the progress of the factory inspection.The original of the invitation to submit time,should with the inspection team leader contact,it is suggested that in the whole procedure of the group completed a week before submit advisable,in order to avoid overdue series of problems.
2.An agency or a applicant have multiple factories,hope to form a checking group,should announce to product division before,and in the product division send out inspection "work order" will be marked and all relevant information with the factory attached.
3.Don't want to separate groups(i.e.a inspection group just check a factory),but unite with other factory to review enterprise,should be announced in product division early,and be marked in the product division inspection "work order".
4.Applicant should undertake the car fare which are used for the factory inspection in accordance,if the enterprise want the authentication institutions manage the tickets order,you'd better ensure to the inspection team leader forward,inform the inspection team leader told urgent fare invoice shall be drawn up,and ensuring the timely pay the authentication institutions disbursements of transportation.
5.The applicant shall be checked with the factory timely communication,to ensure that the factory inspection in the provision of finish date.At the same time,the applicant shall inform the factory the product certification implementation rules,make the factory know about the factory inspection in advance.
6.If you can't accept the arrangement of the factory inspection,should explain to inspection team leader one weeks before traveling.And submit a statement to the leader in written form.Inspectors have been presented and the enterprise refuse to accept the factory inspection,applicant should undertake responsibilities and costs.