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CCC Certification of Smart Speaker with Screen

Author:CCC Certification Date:5/8/2021 vistor:417

The smart speaker with screen combines the speaker with the screen. In the living room with TV and mobile phone, it can be used as a supplement to the learning and entertainment equipment in the common scene of the family. Smart speaker with screen in hardware with display, camera and other functions, to a certain extent, including mobile phones, PC、 tablets, television parts of the function. In terms of content, the smart speaker with screen has the multi-function equipment of radio frequency playing, home center, early childhood education, photo album and alarm clock. In general, the smart speaker with screen has the potential of a new generation of common screen equipment in families.
CCC Certification of Smart Speaker with Screen
Domestic sales of smart speakers with screen need to obtain CCC certification, need to meet the requirements of relevant national standards to produce and sell.
National Standard Reference for Smart Speaker with Screen
GB 8898-2011 Audio, Video and Similar Electronic Equipment Security Requirements
GB/T 13837-2012 limits and measurement methods for radio disturbance characteristics of sound and television broadcasting receivers and related equipment
GB 17625.1-2012 EMC limit harmonic current emission limit (equipment input current per phase ≤16 A)
Certification Certificate CCC Smart Speaker with Screen
Application fee: RMB 500
Certificate fee: RMB 800
Test fee :(certification fee by the certification laboratory according to the national revised price [2006]1979 document unified collection. )
Factory Audit Fee :2500 RMB/ person/day
Agency fee: agency fee quoted according to agency service details
CCC Certification Process
1. Information Preparation and Application
2. sample inspection, formal testing
3. factory inspection
Issuance of CCC certification certificates and logos after 4. examination and approval
Follow-up, inspection and supervision of 5. after certification
Application CCC Certification Information
 1. applicant information, manufacturer information, such as name, address, contact person, contact information, etc
2. factory information such as quality system information and system certification
3. product information such as name, model, specification, trademark, etc
4. product related materials, such as product specification, usage manual, product assembly diagram, electrical schematic diagram, circuit diagram, component configuration diagram, product safety performance inspection report, key parts list, etc.
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