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Electric fan CCC certification test fee and project

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 Fan is the home appliances commonly used in summer, fan categories also have a lot, no fan, table, ceiling fan and so on. Fan belongs to compulsory CCC certification control within the scope of 0702 products.

The test criteria for applying for CCC certification are: GB17625.1-2016;GB4343.1-2018;GB4706.1-2008;GB4706.27-2008
Fan CCC Certification
Electric Fan CCC Testing Project
Marking and description
Prevention of personal danger
Operation of high and low voltage
Energy consumption
Temperature rise
Overload operation
Electrical resistance and leakage current in working condition
Suppression of TV Interference
 Moisture resistance test
Electrical Resistance and Leakage Current in Wet State
Overload protection for transformers and related circuits
Fatigue test
Running under abnormal operation
Instability and mechanical damage tests
Mechanical hazard tests
Structural Design Confirmation
Rationality Test of Internal Electrical Connection
Safety Confirmation of Electrical Accessories
External Power Connection Safety Check
Inspection of external wire connection
Safety Grounding Rationality Test
Inspection of mechanical and electrical connection screws
Inspection of electrical hazard distances
Hazard testing of non-metallic materials
Hazard testing of metallic materials
Testing of environmental hazards of appliances
Thermal controller
Electronic wiring
Safety isolation transformer
Motor protection device
Un rated voltage motor
Continuous interference voltage
Continuous interference power
Inter continued interference
Harmon ic wave
Electric fan CCC certification certificate fee
Application fee : 5 0 0 RMB
Certificate fee : 8 0 0 RMB
Test fee : (Certification fee shall be charged by the certification laboratory according to the document [2006] 1 9 7 9 .)'s
Factory audit fee : 2 , 5 0 0 RMB/ person / day
Agency fee : Agency fee is quoted according to the service details of the north survey agency